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Active Directory SYSVOL & NETLOGON restores

An environment has multiple domain controllers and the SYSVOL/NETLOGON folders are missing on some or out of sync on others. This can happen because of a communication issue between servers, DNS, or a failed domain controller installation.

  1. Try to do a non-auth restore on the non-PDC DC. This will use the files on the PDC as the master.
  2. Try to do an auth restore on the PDC and then a non-auth restore on all the other DCs.
    1. The following weblinks detail both processes

      1. 1. http://kpytko.pl/2013/12/06/non-authoritative-sysvol-restore-frs/
      2. http://kpytko.pl/2013/12/07/authoritative-sysvol-restore-frs/