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The information inside covers everything you need to know to dramatically increase your computer service businesses potential and success.

Each section covers specific areas of a computer service business and builds on the information of the section before it. If you are just getting started you should go through the sections in order to make sure you have a strong foundation. If you are an established computer service business you can skip around but it is recommended that you go through all the sections to make sure you have everything your business needs covered.

The sections are described below. We are constantly adding and updating new information to keep up with the ever changing computer services industry so check back often. New videos and information will be marked so you can find it easily.

Starting Your Business

Covers how to setup your business for success and avoid common mistakes. Everything from Branding and Location to Vendors and Employees is covered. If you are just starting out this section will give you the information you need. If you have been in business for years you will still find valuable information to help your business.

 Setting Up Your Office

This is the basic infrastructure needed to run your business. It covers what hardware you need to be functional and look professional along with the software you need to keep your business organized. Internet access along with phones and messaging is also covered.

Markets And Tools

To be successful you need to know who your clients are and how to reach them. Once you know a market to target you need to know the tools you will need to properly sell and service it.

You will get the same sales training my guys get and learn what I have learned over the past 20+ years on how to keep clients and what the last IT company did to make them leave and start using our services.

The whole sales process is covered from setting your rates and getting the client to quoting, selling and billing.

Sales and Service

What IT services to offer and how along with what hardware to sell and why. Software sales and outsourced services are also covered.

Online Presence

How to research your area and layout your site along with the design tools that help maximum exposure. Everything from Designing and Hosting your site to Local Search  and SEO is covered.

Remote Services

This section alone is worth the price of admission and where the big money starts to come in by extending your reach and increasing your efficiency. You will see what to use, how to set it up and then how to promote it through the web to reach clients next door and thousands of miles away.

Promoting Your Business

Covers all forms of promotion including, print, commercials, mailers, email, social media, local search and YouTube and then shows you how to research and beat your competition. You will find what works and the type of success you should expect with each type of marketing.

Residual Income

If you only use one section this is it! How to generate reliable monthly income for years to come. The tools and processes you will see are the exact processes we used to build up residual income of over $21,000 per month in just under a year. This is in addition to our normal monthly income from our other sales and services!

You will see the exact tools we use and how to set them up. You will also see what services to market and how to price them to maximize your results. Residual Income is the ticket to maximizing your success and providing a substantial monthly income that can change your business and your life forever.


Not everyone can start and run a successful computer service business. Although you will learn exactly how I did it, do not expect to have it magically work. It will take time and effort to succeed but if you are willing to work hard you will learn what to do without having to go through the years of trial and error to find out what works and what does not.

Don’t spend another day chained to your business, take control and change your business and life forever!

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