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Dynamic IP Mail Server Issues, Smarthost Through Comcast on Exchange 2010 / SBS 2011

So the issue is you have a Comcast dynamic IP (in this case, unknowingly) and you set up exchange mail server to take in mail at that IP. As soon as you start sending mail, you realize you are on a blacklist and most of the big companies reject you (aol, yahoo, gmail, Comcast).


You need reverse DNS set up, but Comcast won’t let you do this if you have a dynamic IP.

The solution is to route through Comcast’s servers using a smarthost.

  1. Go into the Exchange Management Console
  2. Go into Organization Configuration, Hub Transport
  3. Go to the Send Connectors tab and open the default send connector properties. I only had 1.
  4. Go to the Network tab
  5. Change the bullet from “Use domain name system (DNS) MX records” to “Route mail through the following smart hosts
  6. You want to add smtp.comcast.net
  7. Apply the settings
  8. Go into services and restart the Microsoft Exchange Transport Service
  9. Watch the queue viewer in the Toolbox to ensure things leave the queue. Also test to a gmail or yahoo address to make sure it is working now.