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Exchange 2007/2010 Sends But Won’t Receive

Server space is sometimes the issue. If it falls below a certain threshold (20% or so) then it may stop receiving mail.

If it happens suddenly I have seen our backup cause the issue. In one example the exchange backup was eating up 100gb of space so after deleting that everything was fine.

If you know the server has Ahsay backup for exchange or SQL here are the places to check:

  • Something like C:\BackupCache or C:\Temp
  • C:\Users\Administrator\.obm or C:\Users\Administrator.domain\.obm
  • C:\Users\Administrator\.temp or C:\Users\Administrator.domain\.temp


If you see a cache folder in there and it’s huge, then it should be safe to delete it. Please confirm with me the first time you see this so we aren’t deleting things at random.