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File Replication Service won’t stay on, corrupted FRS Jet Database

You can run cmd as administrator and input the following commands to stop NetLogon and Ntfrs services and rename the database files and then restart the services (If any other dependecies are stopped, you can restart them after that.):

net stop netlogon
net stop ntfrs
ren %SystemRoot%\ntfrs\jet\ntfrs.jdb ntfrs.old
ren %SystemRoot%\ntfrs\jet\sys\edb.chk edb.old
ren %SystemRoot%\ntfrs\jet\log\edb.log edblog.old
ren %SystemRoot%\ntfrs\jet\log\res1.log res1.old
ren %SystemRoot%\ntfrs\jet\log\res2.log res2.old
net start ntfrs
net start netlogon