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How to Add a Shared Windows 7 Printer to a Windows XP Workstation

Create the local printer

  1. Open Windows Printers and Faxes on the Windows XP machine
  2. Click Add Printer
    1. Select Local printer attached to this computer, unselect Automatically… Plug and Play printer
      1. Select Use the following port: LPT1
        1. Select the pre-installed driver or click Have Disk and browse to the appropriate downloaded driver.  Click Next.
        2. Name the printer as if it was a shared network printer
          1. Continue through the prompts, using the defaults.  Click Finish.
          2. Right click on the newly created printer and select Properties.
            1. On the screen that pops up, select the Ports tab.  Within that tab, select Add Port.
              1. Select Local Port, then click the New Port button.
                1. At this screen, type in the share of the printer.
                  1. This can be figured out by browsing to the computer that is hosting the printer share

i.      Start à Run, type in \\workstationname, hit Enter.

ii.      Look at the Printer Share

  1. Click OK, until you are back at the Ports tab.  The new port should have a check in the check box next to it, if not, put it there.
    1. Click Apply and then Close.