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Hyper-V Virtual Machine is completely unresponsive and in a warning state

Virtual Machine won’t shut down, stop, reboot, or respond to anything. It is in a warning state and claims you can’t do anything to it in its current state and has been like that for 10 hours. Errors were in the Hyper-V-VMMS with IDs 32086, 32022, and 19050.

Step 1 was to kill off the current process so it would be ‘off’.

  • Find the process ID by typing (gwmi -q "SELECT * FROM Msvm_ComputerSystem WHERE ElementName = '<Server-Name>'" -n root\virtualization).ProcessID into powershell. Replace the <Server-Name> with the right server name. It will output the ID.
  • Go into the task manager, sort by PID, and kill the task that matches.
  • It should now say off.

Step 2 Is to start the VM

  • It would not start normally and remained off, refusing to do anything still.
  • Note: Don’t do the following in a production environment unless you have to. I restarted the service Hyper-V Virtual Machine Management and the machine started on its own right away.