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Migrate someone out of AOL 8 / 9

Its sad that this is even relevant, but this should get you all desirable info from the AOL browser.

For favorites:

  1. open the favorites pop out and click the manage button.
  2. The first option will be to export to a “personal file cabinet” .pfc file.
  3. Take the .pcf and run it thru http://www.linkagogo.com/go/Convert?informat=aol&outformat=netscape
  4. You will now have a Mozilla compatible bookmarks.html. Import to whatever you would like.

For Contacts

  1. Log into aol webmail
  2. Click contacts on the left menu
  3. Click the gear button along the top of the contacts list
  4. Go to export
  5. Export as csv
    • HERES THE KICKER: The csv format is wrong for Gmail, possibly others
    • Open the CSV file, delete all the extraneous columns (basically if its blank remove it)
    • Change the “E-mail” column heading to “E-mail Address”
    • If there are email addresses in the “screenname” column, merge those with the email column (I think it’s a hold-over from an even older aol version)
  6. Take your modified contacts.csv and import as necessary