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Word 2010 References a Missing Template Path on Startup

Word 2010 references an missing template path on startup, causing slow load times on certain files.

Fix: Remove the references

  1. Open Word 2010
  2. File –> Addins –> Select Templates –> Go
  3. Delete the reference in Document Template

Edit Attached Templates for Word Documents

If you have ever removed/renamed a server that held a Microsoft Word template (.dot file) on then you have likely come across the following issue – once the server has gone, any documents that were created from that template take a very long time to load. To fix this you have to go into each Word document and go to the Tools menu, select Templates and AddIns, clear the template path in the Attached Template box, then save and close the document. This is fine if you have a couple of documents that have this issue but when you have hundreds it becomes a bit of a problem… so I wrote a VB.NET application that will loop through all Word documents in a specified directory and reset the template, which you can download below.

You can download this app from the following page (you must have .NET Framework 2.0 or above and Microsoft Word 2003 or laterinstalled before you run the program) :