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WSUS Folder is Huge on Small Business Server 2008

This is what happens when your server is using WSUS Windows Server Update Services and has 40gb of updates it is trying to do to the workstations. It sits there with 40gb of space for no apparent reason and causes exchange to stop working when it drops below a certain threshold (in this case, 5gb left). How do you get windows to stop shooting itself in the foot?

In some cases you don’t need updates to be performed this way so change the following settings:

  1.  Go into the WSUS settings and set it so that it no longer stores updates on the server. Go to admin tools, windows server update services, options, update files and languages, and set the bullet not to store updates locally.
  2. Go into services and stop the windows update service
  3. Delete the files from within C:\WSUS\WSUSContent (not the folder itself)
  4. Start the windows update service again.
  5. Empty the recycle bin if you haven’t already.
  6. Done

Screenshot of WSUS:

WSUS Folder is Huge on Small Business Server 2008