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Add Reverse DNS, RDNS, for static AT&T Internet Service

According to the tech support rep at ATT internet services (800-833-2120). The current email address to send reverse DNS requests to is: prov-dns@att.com

AT&T/SBC Internet Services (DNS Admin)


You need to have most of the following information to have the changes made:

1. Domain Name

2. Email Address

3. Customer Contact Name

4. Service Type (ie Office 768/1500)

5. Company Name (If applicable)

6. Primary Domain (ie yourdomain.com)

7. IP Block + CIDR (ie

What you want done is an ARIN record change or delegation etc.

You must have a package with at least 1 static IP.

You can also visit http://attis-dns.sbcglobal.net/ to request a reverse DNS setup.