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Export mail from IncrediMail to Outlook

Download this tool: http://code.google.com/p/incredimail-converter-reynardware/downloads/detail?name=ReynardWareIncredimailConverter-0.53-Setup.exe&can=2&q=
Before running this tool, it may be prudent to remove the Deleted.imm file from the IncrediMail database, as the database holds messages that have been “permanently” removed, so the deleted database can have hundreds of junk messages that will take forever to export

  1. Run it on the IncrediMail database: Documents and settings\Local settings\applicaton data\IMIdentities\[identity key]\Message Store
  2. It will populate each email folder (Inbox, Sent, Deleted, any subfolders) with .EML files.
  3. Go into outlook express (sadly this is the only way) and import the .EML files manually into whatever folder it belongs in (Inbox, Deleted, Sent, etc).
  4. Go into Outlook and Import from Outlook Express. For whatever reason, versions of Outlook past 2000 will not open/read .eml files so this workaround is necessary