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Install Intel RAID Manager on Hyper-v Core

  1. Download Intel RAID Web Console 2, current filename is ir3_Windows_RWC2_v12.05.03.00, and unzip the files. See link below for download.
  2. Either copy these files to the Hyper-V server using File Sharing or plug in an external drive to it.
  3. Use command-line to navigate to the folder in question. Some examples:
    • F: to change to drive F
    • cd drivers to enter the /Drivers folder
  4. Once you are in the folder, type setup.exe to run setup.
  5. Follow all the default dialogs until you get to the install type:
  6. Choose Custom Installation and then choose Local. This will install and run only on this server itself.
  7. Follow defaults for the rest of the install.
  8. To launch it, navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\RAID Web Console 2 and run startupui.bat
    • Type CD “C:\Program Files (x86)\RAID Web Console 2″ and then press enter
    • Type startupui.bat and press enter.
  9. Once in the program, you may need to enter login credentials for the local admin of the server, but then it should open and be usable.