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Outlook Anywhere reflects wrong internal server name

On the server, run Exchange Shell as admin.

Type get-mailboxdatabase | fl name,RPC* to see a list of the existing “RpcClientAccessServer” properties, which is the setting that is wrong.

Type set-mailboxdatabase “databaseName” -rpcclientaccessserver “correctaddress” to update the setting to the correct one.
(My command was set-mailboxdatabase “C-Net Systems” -rpcclientaccessserver “cnetexchange2.cnetsys.local”)

Not sure if necessary, but I restarted all the exchange services and closed, opened outlook. The server part is complete.

Go to outlook, then File – Account Settings. Click the Repair button.

Follow the default settings and it said to restart Outlook. I think it actually said it twice.

Upon opening again, it was stuck in ‘offline mode’. To fix this, go to the Send/Receive tab and UNCHECK the work offline button.

It reconnected fine and is now correct.