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Slow Login to Small Business Server SBS 2011 After 2003 Migration

When the login to SBS 2011 takes more than 30 seconds it is usually caused by a bad network drive or some network setting that is causing it to search for something that no longer exists and then eventually load the profile.

In the case at Reed Mandryk, it was caused by an old profile setting.

  • Go to Start, Admin Tools, Active Directory Users and Computers.
  • Open the user’s properties.
  • Go to the profile tab and look to see if there is a redirect going on. Remove it by selecting the local bullet if necessary to stop it.


In this case, it was pointing to the old server. SBS uses a different method of redirecting folders so every time someone logged in it was searching for the old server, timing out, and then finally logging in.

Apply the change and test by logging in as someone and it should be solved.