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Windows 7 Slow To Login To Domain Environment

Symptoms: Windows 7 machines appears to take a very long time to log into their desktop.


Solution 1: Registry Hack

  1. Run gpedit.msc.
  2. Go to computer configuration.
  3. Go to Administrative templates.
  4. Go to System.
  5. Go to User profiles.
  6. Enable “Set maximum wait time for the network if a user has a roaming user profile or remote home directory” and set to 0 seconds
  7. Source: blog.bigsmoke.us/2010/03/17/fixing-extremely-slow-domain-logon-windows-7

Solution 2: Desktop Background

  1. Change the background from a solid color to an image.
  2. If a solid color is necessary, create a 1×1 pixel of the color and save it as a bmp and use that image