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I Wish I Had This When I started…

I have been working with networks since the early days of Lantastic and Novell. Working with hundreds of small businesses over the years has given me a broad range of experience and although there are many great sources of information on specific products and solutions there is little help for putting together comprehensive solutions for your typical small business.

Ton’s of information is scattered across many sites and publications. Some information helped while some was for larger applications or missing completely. What was missing was a consolidated source, from start to finish, for a typical small business’s needs.

Having all the help I needed in one place would have allowed me to provide better solutions faster and give me more time to grow my business. Knowing what solutions work and what other services I could offer would not only help my clients but my bottom line too.

Running an IT consulting and service company is not easy and owning any business means long hours and little free time. Most of your time is spent worrying about your clients businesses but at some point you need to think about your own. For me, I never had time to think about the future or an exit strategy. Heck, I rarely got a day off. You will have to focus on your business at some point if you ever want to have it provide lasting income without all the long hours.

Over the past 20+ years, through trial and error, I have put together solutions and services that work for the average small business. In the last few years I have refined those solutions and services greatly to dramatically improve profits and efficiency. Today I focus on the future and what I can do to stay on the leading edge of fast changing small business needs.

Many months of work have gone into compiling this information and my goal is to help other IT service providers improve their businesses and bottom lines. I will show you the exact steps I took (without all the trial and error) to build my business. I will also show you the exact changes I made to go from successful but overwhelmed to relaxed with free time by streamlining my process and adding reoccurring income of over $21,000 per month and growing ($23,309.43 as of 12/15/12) in just under a year.


Who Needs This Resource?

The knowledge contained in the site is designed to provide a “path of least resistance” on everything an IT service company needs to grow its service offerings and expand its business. Everything from starting a computer repair business to hosting virtual servers and employees to local search marketing is covered.

If you are just starting out or if you have an established business you will find ideas to promote your business and new services that will help your business grow. If you have ever looked for ways to generate more money for your IT service business this is it.

This is not just a collection of forms and some selling advice. This is what to sell, how to sell it, and how to set it up. You get an inside look to exactly what I did to build up a reoccurring income of over $21,000 per month and growing in just under a year.

Who Is Your Best Client?

My ideal client has 20 to 50 PCs and several servers but in reality those clients are less than half of my client base. I have built my business with clients that are much smaller and I think under-served and under-appreciated.

The vast majority of my clients have on average 6 PCs and a server. For most of my early years I had an average of 30 business clients ranging from 1 PC to 15 PCs and a server. I realized that I had to improve my profits if I was to ever have any sort of free time and that working 80 hours a week was not the answer.

I research everything I could find but nothing seemed to fit perfectly. Things like managed services would work for some clients but not others and I was not willing to alienate smaller clients, who helped me get my start, by forcing them to fit into something that really did not work for them.

What I needed was a range of service offerings that I could scale up or down to fit all my clients with different billing options for different circumstances. Over a few years I started making changes to my business, some worked and some failed miserably. I’m not sure why I did not see it sooner but, the appeal of things like managed services is a continual stream of reliable income. Unfortunately, not all small clients like to get monthly bills for services they may or may not need that month (especially when you reliable solutions that work long term).

I started looking for services I could offer that provided value to these smaller businesses and generated monthly, residual, income. Once I started to think in terms of reoccurring income, it changed the way I thought about my services and how to offer them. What a change, it was much easier than I thought!

In a little under a year I went from those 30 clients bringing in a respectable, yet not life changing, income to adding a little over $21,000 per month in residual income. That additional income was residual and comes in every month with very minimal effort. Would you like an additional $252,000 per year?

Residual is the Key

The beauty of residual income is that it is steady and comes in consistently every month. The additional income and not having to worry about it coming in (not to mention having more free time) has allowed me to buy a second home up north to spend time with my family and a Corvette, something I had always wanted but never dreamed I would have.

The services and process is self-supporting. Making more money reliably means more time, more time means better quality of life, better quality of life means clearer thinking to help grow the business, a growing business means more reliable income.

Using that logic makes this an easy choice. Why would you ever want unstable income and less time?

Fast-track Your Growth Without Losing Clients

I know my way is not the only way or maybe even the best way but it did take me from working 80 hours a week making ends meet to building a reliable residual income of over $21,000 per month in just under a year.

I also know that most tech people think that their way is the best but the fact that you found this means that you are looking to improve. I search all the time for new services and easier ways to generate business but nothing showed me step by step what to do and trial and error takes time and money.

Most of the information I found on growing an IT business was on how to change your business model. One book, I won’t name it but I am sure most have read it, said to switch over completely to this new model and showed how losing some of your smaller clients was actually better for your bottom line and the best thing to do. Really, the best way to grow your business was by losing clients? The same clients that helped you get where you are today?

I was not willing to lose my smaller clients, some of which are the reason I was able to start a business in the first place, and they should not be ignored. Small businesses with 1 to 50 employees also account for the majority of businesses by percentage. This is a huge number but mostly ignored by the training and publications out there. There is more than enough business to go around and I want to help other business owners increase their businesses and bottom lines. I wish I had a resource like this, it would have made things so much easier.

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